21 December 2020

IWA Chiltern Branch and Wendover Arm Trust volunteers planted 420 trees along the Wendover Arm Canal in December.

Planting took place at three locations along the Canal. This included a new canal side picnic area. The Picnic site will enhance the area whilst providing a welcome amenity for visitors.

13 people, including volunteers and IWA staff split into two groups to plant the saplings along the Wendover Arm Canal. One group worked at the Whitehouse picnic site and the other behind the winding hole of the watered section, known as the triangle. Species of sapling planted included Crab apple, Goat willow, Hawthorn, Hazel, and Downey Birch.

We are planning to plant a specimen Hornbeam at the Whitehouse picnic site later this month. Following that, in the Spring of 2021 we intend to install a seat around the tree. The seat will be a match to the one we installed at Lock 39 at Marsworth. These seats are in memory of Geoff and Carolyn Leonard. Carolyn was Branch Planning Officer until she passed away after a short illness in 2019.

Please get in touch if you would like to take part in a future work party by emailing [email protected].

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