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Motor Insurance and Accident Reporting Procedures

This page details insurance procedures in the event of any incident, which might give rise to a claim under IWA’s motor policy (either damage to our vehicle, or a possible claim from a third party).


In the event of any incident that might give rise to a claim, the driver or keeper of the vehicle should report the incident, ideally from the scene of the incident, direct to Aviva on their Motor Fleet number: 0800 246 876. This line is manned 24 hours each day, every day of the year. The caller will need to quote the vehicle registration number and/or the policy number (same as the certificate number – copy held in each vehicle). The caller will then be guided through what information is required, etc. Usually, all relevant and required information will be collected direct by Aviva during this telephone conversation. The driver should not wait until they have completed the journey.  In the event of the driver being incapacitated, someone else should make the call to report the incident as soon as possible, preferably from the site of the incident.

You then need to complete an Incident Report form and send to IWA Head Office straight away.  Please make clear what information you have provided to insurers.

In the event of an accident take the following action:

  • If anyone is injured report to police and call an ambulance
  • Do not admit liability
  • Exchange details (name, phone number address, car registration, insurance details including policy number)
  • Call Aviva (insurers) immediately. 
  • Call the WRG team on 01494 783 453 and report the incident.  We will send you a Motor Incident Report to complete.

If you are driving a WRG van:

Any damage to the WRG vans must be reported to the WRG Chairman (Mike Palmer) or to WRG Transport (Jonathan Smith / George Eycott) immediately. Their contact details can be found in the vehicle guidance notes.

In the event of any accident you may return the vehicle to its base (assuming that it is driveable) at which point your authorisation to drive is rescinded. Then contact IWA/WRG Head office, WRG Chairman (Mike Palmer) or WRG Transport (Jonathan Smith / George Eycott) as soon as possible for further guidance. You will need to re-apply to the WRG Board for driver authorisation before driving any of our vehicles.