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WRG Driver Authorisation Plant & Vehicle Categories

In a group containing more than one category, the categories within the group are ‘progressive’, with (a) being the lowest followed by (b) and so on. Authorisation in one category implies authorisation in any lower categories in that group. For example:  if you have category 5a on your driver authorisation card you may drive vehicles in category 1a but not 1b or 1c; if you have category 1b on your card you may drive vehicles in categories 1a and 1b but not 1c; if you have category 1c on your card you may drive vehicles in categories 1a, 1b and 1c.

Seat numbers: these refer to the total including the driver’s seat as well as the passenger seats.

Please note that in order to keep the database accurate, and to ensure that skills are kept current, driver authorisation cards bear an expiry date.  Validity of cards will be for 3 years, after which time they must be renewed.  The length of validity may be varied at the discretion of the WRG Board.  Authorisation cards remain the property of WRG and their return may be required at any time.

Group    Abbreviation    Full description

1a Car Motor cars, people-carriers and Car-derived Vans

1b DVLA B (GV=<3.5T) DVLA B – Goods vehicles up to 3.5 gvw

1c DVLA C1 (GV =< 7.5T) DVLA C1 – Good vehicles up to 7.5T gvw

1d DVLA C (Rigid) DVLA C – Heavier rigid goods vehicle

1e DVLA C+E (Artic) DVLA C+E – Articulated goods vehicle

2a DVLA B (Bus= DVLA – Minibuses up to 9 seats

2b DVLA D1 (Bus= DVLA – Minibuses up to 17 seats

3a DVLA B (4WD= DVLA – Land Rovers & Equivalents up to 9 seats

3b DVLA D1 (4WD= DVLA – Land Rovers & Equivalents up to 17 seats

4a Trailer (Site Only) Trailers only used on site

4b Trailer (Road only) Trailer used on road up to 3.5 tonnes

5 (category no longer in use)

6 Loading Loading & securing of plant

7 Skid-Steer Skid-steer Loaders

8 (category no longer in use)

9a 180deg Excavator 180deg Excavators

9b JCB3 & Equivalents JCB3 and equivalents

10 (category no longer in use)

11 Dragline Draglines

12 Smalley Smalley Excavators

13 Bulldozer Bulldozers

14a Hoist Barrow Hoist

14b Hoist & Small Crane As 14a plus Small Cranes

15 Telehandler Telehandlers (and Fork-Lift Trucks)

16a Pedestrian Roller Pedestrian Rollers

16b Ride on Roller Ride on Rollers

17 Wood Chipper Wood Chipper

18 Electrical Distribution Generator-based Electrical Distribution Systems

19 Power Winch Powered Winches

20 Flail Flail

21a Boat = <7m Boats up to 7m, with or without Outboard Motors

21b Boat >7m Boats over 7m, powered or unpowered

21c Tug As 21b plus Tugs and Hoppers

22 Dredger Dredgers

23 Tracked Dumper Tracked Dumper

24 Rear Steer Dumper Rear Steer Dumper e.g. Winget 2s

25 Articulated Steer Forward Tipping Dumpers Articulated Steer Forward Tipping 4WD Dumpers

26 Rear Tipping Wheeled Dumpers Rear Tipping Wheeled Dumpers

27 Flail mounted on excavator arm Flail mounted on excavator arm

28 Bricksaws & Abrasive Wheels Bricksaws 

29 360deg mini excavator <=2t 360 degree tracked excavator with front mounted arm 2t or less

30 360deg mini excavator >2t 360 degree tracked excavator with front mounted arm over 2t

31 360deg large excavator 360 degree tracked excavator with arm mounted alongside cab

32a Tractors <= 30 HP Small Tractors (up to and including 30 hp)

32b Tractors >30 HP Large Tractors (over 30 hp)

33 Mowers Ride-on Mowers

99 Plant on Road Combined with appropriate plant category allows plant use on road

Driver Authorisation: Need to Know