30 December 2020

In November and December our volunteers did a great job removing graffiti on the Northampton Arm.

There were unsightly graffiti tags over bridge 14 at Briar Hill; the disused railway bridge 16; and 41 bays along the canal’s new flood defence wall near Northampton. 

Six of our volunteers pitched in using superheated-water cleaning equipment, specially designed to remove paint and coatings from heritage structures. The result is that the towpath is a much pleasanter place for all to enjoy.

We have made a positive start removing the graffiti, cleaning the bridges and three bays on the flood defence wall.  There is still some to do, and we intend to continue the work in January. We also hope to apply a wax emulsion so that future graffiti will be more easily removed.

So if you’d like to help us in looking after our canal, this and other work such as vegetation clearance, painting lock beams and generally keeping the Arm and towpath clean and tidy, these are ongoing tasks. New volunteers are very welcome, see our task party events and volunteering pages for further information.

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