6 July 2021

The course gives practical skills and confidence in lifting techniques which will be used on restoration sites in the future. It is for people who intend to carry out or plan safe lifting operations. The course included tasks such as lifting coping stones into place, and more major lifts such as support beams.

The morning theory session focused on regulations and good practice. Following on, a practical afternoon session applied the volunteers’ newfound knowledge of simple and – then more complex – lifting techniques.

The course was funded by a National Lottery Heritage Fund Resilient Heritage Fund grant given to IWA’s Restoration Hub. The grant has supported the Restoration Hub’s ‘Restoring Confidence’ project. The project has spent the last 18 months developing specific elements of the Restoration Hub such as upskilling key volunteers and staff, offering specific heritage training to volunteers as well as providing guidance and training on strategic issues such as diversity, the environment and governance.