12 April 2022

In August 2021 IWA successfully applied for a CADW grant to cover the cost of a structural survey of the Aberdulais Aqueduct. In September Mann Williams, who specialise in creative conservation of historic buildings and structures, undertook the survey and produce a report at the end of January 2022.

The main conclusion of this investigation and report is that, despite appearances, the condition of the monument is relatively stable and in its current state repair is feasible. IWA believes urgent and immediate works should be as quickly as possible to mitigate further damage increasing the cost and complexity of repairs.

In early May IWA, Neath & Tennant Canals Trust and CADW are planning to jointly host a site visit with all the key stakeholders (Natural Resources Wales, Neath Port Talbot Council, the owners of the Aqueduct and Network Rail) to discuss and agree the next steps for the project in order to conserve the structure, consolidating what is currently there, so that in the future it can be strengthened and relined and revert back to navigation.

At a local level there is a growing awareness of heritage and the importance of project heritage assets in the area. We believe there is a real opportunity to save this heritage asset and will continue to lead on this campaign.

Structural Survey

Aberdulais Aqueduct – Structural Inspection Report

Dec 2021