11 August 2021

1. Install solar panels

Solar panels will help keep your batteries topped up instead of running your engine while you are moored.

2. Burn dry and well-seasoned wood

If you burn logs in a solid fuel stove, make sure that they are dry and well-seasoned. You might consider installing a pellet-burning stove.

3. Know your speed

While you are boating, particularly on shallow canals, if you try to go too fast you will burn more fuel but will not go any faster.

4. Turn off the engine when you can

If you can, turn your engine off when you are stationary such as when you are queuing for locks. This will save you lots of fuel as well as improving the air that you breath.

5. Switch to biofuels

We are campaigning to get the cost of biofuels, such as HVO, down. In the meantime, if you can afford to pay a little bit extra for your fuel, you could consider using it straight away.