2 December 2021

434 metres of the Wendover Arm Canal started re-watering on the 27th November, a process that takes about 3 weeks. This is a significant and exciting step forward for the full restoration of the Wendover Arm Canal.

IWA’s Restoration Hub has been providing a significant amount of support to the project, led by the Wendover Arm Trust. Our Technical Support Officer, Mikk Bradley, worked with Canal & River Trust over the drawings and designs. This allowed this section of restoration work to be undertaken by volunteers. He has also prepared detailed drawings for the repairs to the foundations of the swing bridge, including stop plank channels and sheet piling bank protection. Mikk has also taken on an active role in training Wendover Canal Trust volunteers in levelling and relevant regulations.

The re-watering has come about thanks to the enormous effort of the Wendover Canal Trust volunteers over the last 6 years. During lockdown, local Waterway Recovery Group volunteers got stuck in at the Trust’s regular work parties. IWA’s Restoration Hub will continue to support this project and we will be running a Family Canal Camp with Wendover Canal Trust in 2022.