29 September 2021

Volunteers rolled up their sleeves to clear and level a section of the path. Several new gates are now installed on the trail that will create a safe pathway link between the village and the canal. A delivery of 20 waymarkers are also keeping the hard-working volunteers busy.

The village of Snarestone at the terminus of the canal is a short walk from Measham. However, there is little to link the two settlements. Waterway users arriving at Snarestone along the canal often aren’t aware that Measham- with its shops and facilities – is close by. To get to the village, people currently have to walk country lanes with poor visibility and unsafe verges.

We hope the trail will help to regenerate the area, as well as highlight the local heritage. The project is funded by our Waterways in Progress grant. Find out more about the Ashby Canal Trail: Regeneration