IWA London Region would like to recruit a Planning and Conservation Group Team Leader

The role comprises the following activities:

Links with branches to:

  • allow planning officers and heritage officer to share information and experience.
  • improve communication internally and externally.
  • coordinated regional responses to major schemes which affect London as a whole, including projects such as Heathrow Expansion.

Supports branches:

  • campaigns to prevent developments whose character will have an adverse impact on the appearance of the waterways.
  • campaigns, through the planning system, for new developments to recognise the heritage, environmental and amenity value of the waterways corridor.

Linking Internal:

  • Links with the National Planning Advisory Panel to get professional advice and guidance on planning matters affecting the waterways in London.

Linking External:

  • Links with the Greater London authorities to have waterways included as part of the London Plan.
  • Links with navigation authorities Planning Departments to identify and protect London waterways heritage.
  • Be London Region’s point of contact for questions on planning.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Paul Strudwick to discuss the role.

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