Every year, we run between 16-20 Summer Canal Camps. But canal restoration is hungry work!  

What they do

Your main role is to feed 12-18 hungry Canal Camp volunteers. If you’ve been on one of our Canal Camps before you will know the camp cook is the most important person!

What’s Involved

The cook’s main role is to cook dinner for the volunteers each night, as well as carry out the shopping, ensuring there is enough food for breakfast and lunch.<br>How the leadership team decide to run the rest of the cooking is up to them – some cooks prepare and cook breakfast and lunch, whilst others ask for volunteers and helpers.

Cooks can also have the night off and organise for a BBQ or a Fish and Chip night. Cooking for 18 hungry volunteers doesn’t have to be a daunting task and we have created a set of Guidance Notes for the cooks to help them through each task.

Required skills and experience

No skills or experience required. We will organise a free online Level 2 Food Hygiene course for all Canal Camp Cooks.

Training and Support

You will receive ongoing support and resources from our Volunteer Manager (Jenny Hodson) and Technical Support Officer (Mikk Bradley).

  • We will arrange a 1 hour induction session via zoom to explain the plans for the Canal Camp.
  • Access to IWA’s virtual Resources (Volunteer & Restoration Hub) which includes the Cooks Guidance Notes.
  • Leaders Training Day


Please contact Jenny Hodson to discuss the role:
Phone: 01494 783 453 ext 605
Email: jenny.hodson@waterways.org.uk

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