Tree roots, in many cases, destroy walls. Before the canal can be restored this vegetation needs to be removed. Sites are cleared and a whole new and diverse ecosystem is created. Sometimes trees obstruct designated paths and plant-access routes. Falling trees or branches could also cause severe injury or damage.

WRG Forestry TEAM

Waterway Recovery Group and their specialist forestry team are the people to call for a project of this kind. WRG Forestry was an idea that came about after volunteers undertook a tree survey for the Cotswold Canals Trust in 2002. It was a 10-mile section of canal from Eastington to Chalford. Approximately 300 trees along this stretch required complete removal or renovation.

The WRG Forestry team consists of qualified chainsaw operators. They remove anything from saplings to trees the size of small cars. They also bring their specialist knowledge of tree felling, climbing, aerial first aid, and the art of building very large bonfires!

Their work is always undertaken from September through to March. This avoids the bird nesting season and to ensure best environmental practice. WRG Forestry travels around the country supporting restoration groups and other waterway organisations. They offer advice for management and felling of trees, with a view to delivering a value for money service.

Each year one site is chosen as part of WRG’s Canal Camps programme. These working holidays bring anywhere between 18 and 22 volunteers to a site. Volunteers spend a week clearing a massive swathe of vegetation, offering a real boost to any restoration project.

WRG Forestry

WRG Forestry supports canal restoration projects across England and Wales. This team of qualified chainsaw operators remove anything from saplings to trees the size of small cars.