IWA Lancashire & Cumbria Branch

5 July 2021

IWA Lancashire & Cumbria Branch held a joint Himalayan Balsam clearance work party at Haslam Park with Lancaster Canal Trust and Friends of Haslam Park in June.

10 volunteers pulled up Himlayan Balsam from along the towpath and near the feeder to the Lancaster Canal. This group has been clearing Balsam from the area for several years and has helped to contain its spread.

Himalayan balsam is a non-native, invasive plant that can be found along the banks of the UK’s waterways. It grows quickly and crowds out native wildflowers. Growing up to three metres in height, the plant has no root stock. Once it dies back in winter the ground becomes susceptible to erosion.

These work parties involve pulling the plants up before they go to seed. Annually removing plants stops them growing in that area.