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The John Heap Salver

Criteria: For an IWA member who, in the opinion of the trustees, has made an outstanding contribution to raising funds for the Association.  The trophy, a silver salver, was provided by then IWA trustee John Heap (who subsequently became national chairman) and first presented at the Association’s National Rally at Marple on the Peak Forest Canal.

Past Winners:

1966 Martin Grundy
1967 Lionel Munk (National Chairman and Maid Boats entrepreneur)
1968 John Dodwell (IWA General Secretary)
1969 Mr & Mrs D Clements
1970 Herbert Kennertey
1971 Michael Leigh (IWA Birmingham Branch)
1972 June Humprhries (fundraising committee lead)
1973 David Martin (WRG)
1974 Margaret Gibson and Sheila Davenport
1975 Mr & Mrs R Bliss
1976 Ray Carter (Boat Shows)
1977 Eva Goodwin (North West Region)
1978 John Morin (IWA Stoke-on-Trent Branch, Trent & Mersey Canal)
1979 Joan and Dan Dannan (IWA stand at Southampton Boat Show)
1980 Gwyn and Jack Carlisle (sales stands)
1981 (not awarded)
1982 (not awarded)
1983 (not awarded)
1984 Carol Cooper
1985 (not awarded)
1986 Eva Goodwin and Linda Bailey (Sales of IWA Christmas cards)
1987 (not awarded)
1988 Michael Essex-Lopresti (IWA London Towpath Walks)
1989 Richard Bird (London Region, Festivals and Rallies)
1990 Sylvia and Tony Rymell (IWA West Country Branch)
1991 Margaret and Alan Clegg (IWA/WRG Stamp Bank)
1992 Ron Oakley (IWA International and IWA South West Region)
1993 Rosemary Limming (IWA Middlesex Branch)
1994 Jennifer Thomas (IWA Hertfordshire Branch)
1995 Madeline Dean (IWA North Lancs & Cumbria Branch)
1996 Richard Bird (IWA London Region)
1997 Tim Burgin (IWA Lichfield Branch)
1998 Chris Coburn (Lichfield & Hatherton Canals)
1999 Dr Michael Essex-Lopresti (IWA London Region – walks)
2000 (not awarded)

[Photo shows Mike Snaith (l) receiving the award from Ivor Caplan in 2019]

2001 David and Sheila Baldwin (Birmingham Boat Show)
2002 Tony and Pauline Greenwood, and Val and John Williams (IWA Kent & East Sussex Branch)
2003 (not awarded)
2004 Liz Williamson (WRG)
2005 Andy Screen (IWA Restoration Committee funding advisor)
2006 (not awarded)
2007 (not awarded)
2008 (not awarded)
2009 Clive and Jill Field (Cotswold Canals Trust)
2010 (not awarded)
2011 Colin and Cynthia Greenall (IWA North West Region and Sankey Canal Restoration Society)
2012 Jerry Sanders (IWA Festivals)
2013 Roy Chandler (Essex Waterways Ltd)
2014 Bernard and Joyce Snell (IWA Kent & East Sussex Branch)
2015 Waterway Recovery Group North West
2016 Waterway Recovery Group
2017 (not awarded)
2018 (not awarded)
2019 Mike Snaith (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Branch)
2020 John Brice (Chiltern Branch)
2021 (not awarded)
2022 (not awarded)
2023 (not awarded)

[Photo: IWA Towpath Walks in London has been a big fund-raiser over the years]

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