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Find a Mooring

Whether you already have a boat or are looking to buy, you can get in touch with us about moorings on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation. The whole Navigation is suitable for inland boats up to 57 foot long, but bigger sea-faring and sailing boats can only moor in Heybridge Basin.  Long term moorings for pleasure boats can be found at Paper Mill Lock, Sandford Mill, Springfield Basin, Hoe Mill Lock and Heybridge Basin. We also have a number of residential moorings at Springfield Basin and Heybridge Basin – all fully occupied and with a waiting list.  The lowest headroom on the Navigation (river levels dependent) is Paper Mill road bridge, with a headroom of 1.9 metres (6 foot 3 inches).

Chelmer & Blackwater Mooring Sites

Inland moorings

Long and short term moorings for inland boats can be found along the navigation. Inland cruising on the Navigation is suitable for boats up to 17.40 metres in length, 4.62 metres wide and 0.62 metres draft. 

Heybridge Basin moorings

Heybridge Basin, where the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation meets the Blackwater Estuary at Maldon, is a haven for seagoing and inland boats, with long and short term moorings available. 

Mooring Facilities

Toilet, sluice disposal facilities, water and electric hookup are available.  Springfield Basin and Heybridge Basin also have shower facilities and pump-outs.

There is a point system for each mooring depending on site and access to electricity and facilities.

  • Desirability – 8 points (Hoe Mill, Paper Mill), 4 points (Springfield Basin, Heybridge Basin and Sandford Mill), 2 points (Freshwater Crescent), 1 point (Lockside Marina)
  • Facilities – 3 points (connection to electricity), 2 points (availability of showers on site), 2 points (city centre location), 2 points (free parking within 1km of mooring)
  • Seclusion – 5 points (locked barrier to access), 3 points (non-public area, but no barrier), 0 points (towpath mooring or Marina with no facilities)

Boating the Navigation

Along the route of the waterway is a church, two tearooms, numerous pubs, 14 locks and lots of wildlife.

Find out more about boating the navigation.


Enquire about a mooring

Get in touch to find out more about our moorings, availability, and to apply for a mooring.

Mooring Rates

Long term mooring rates

Long term mooring rates apply to moorings of a minimum of three months. Boats are charged per metre in length per month, depending on the level of facilities available – a points based system:

  • Basic – £13.30 (0 to 4 points)
  • Intermediate – £13.94 (5 to 9 points)
  • Standard – £14.60 (10 to 13 points)
  • Premium – £16.00 (14 to 16 points)
  • Premium Plus – £17.42 (17 or more points)

(Long term moorings are at Heybridge Basin, Paper Mill, Springfield, Hoe Mill & Sandford)

Short term mooring rates

(includes Heybridge Basin and trail boats)

These charges apply from 1st January 2022.

Price per night for the first seven nights:

Boats up to 7m (up to 22.9 feet) £20.00 per night
Boats 7.1m to10m (23 to 32.8 feet) £24.10 per night
Boats 10.1m to13m (32.9 to 42.6 feet) £27.20 per night
Boats 13.1m to 15m (42.7 to 49.2 feet) £30.30 per night
Boats 15.1m to 20m (49.3 to 65.6 feet) £34.40 per night

Price per night for subsequent nights:

Boats up to 7m (up to 22.9 feet) £5.70
Boats 7.1m to10m (23 to 32.8 feet) £6.70
Boats 10.1m to13m (32.9 to 42.6 feet) £7.70
Boats 13.1m to 15m (42.7 to 49.2 feet) £8.80
Boats 15.1m to 20m (49.3 to 65.6 feet) £10.80

Total price for subsequent weeks up a maximum of three months:

Boats up to 7m (up to 22.9 feet) £39.90
Boats 7.1m to10m (23 to 32.8 feet) £46.90
Boats 10.1m to13m (32.9 to 42.6 feet) £53.90
Boats 13.1m to 15m (42.7 to 49.2 feet) £61.60
Boats 15.1m to 20m (49.3 to 65.6 feet) £75.60

Any vessel wishing to stay for longer than three months is required to sign up for a long term mooring agreement.

All bookings are subject to Berth availability and terms and conditions consistent with those applied to long term moorings.

Minimum charge of £40 for vessel using locks and thus requiring training.

Other types of licence

Craft that don’t require moorings or use of locks still need to buy a licence.