IWA West Riding Branch seeks branch and local planning officers to monitor and respond to planning applications.


The branch planning officer will have oversight across the branch area, whilst a local planning officer will look after an area within the branch such as a local authority or a stretch of canal that they have a particular interest in.

This job can be done over the internet as all local authorities now have planning applications online. There is no requirement to attend committee meetings although they would be welcome to do so. Local planning officers would report to the branch planning officer, who would report to the branch committee to keep them informed of planning applications.

Basically these jobs are what the volunteer wants to make of them. And there is the opportunity to define the geographical area you want to cover or a particular specialism such as heritage issues or local development frameworks.

What are the next steps?

If you would like to find out more, please contact westriding@waterways.org.uk to discuss the role and branch

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