IWA Milton Keynes Branch is looking for an enthusiastic individual to take on the responsibility of public outreach as the Branch Education Officer.

To co-ordinate and manage all aspects of our public outreach and education work, with a special emphasis on appealing to young people.

The Branch mounts regular displays at fund-raising events and local Canal Festivals. A wealth of resources is available from the Association’s Head Office, especially that aimed at young people, but we would like to have suitable special material to use at our twice-yearly Canal Clean-ups, for example. All this material needs to be sourced or generated, approved and kept up-to-date.

This new role can be shaped to suit the talents of the person taking it on. You would not be expected to undertake all these activities personally, unless you want to. Rather, you would act to co-ordinate volunteers from the Branch for producing and updating materials, and attendance at events.

IWA membership is not essential, but it would be an advantage in order to gain an understanding of waterway matters. It would also entitle you to attend Branch Committee meetings as a voting member.

Contact: If you are interested in this role, please contact us at miltonkeynes@waterways.org.uk

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