The Inland Waterways Association: Saving Britain’s Canal and River Navigations


A photographic history of The Inland Waterways Association’s campaigning to save the canal network.

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Seventy-five years ago, a small band of enthusiasts gathered together to form The Inland Waterways Association. They had witnessed the decline of the canal network and closure of parts of the system and all had decided to do something about it. From those early beginnings, The Inland Waterways Association grew into a group of 17,500 members, all dedicated to restoring and using Britain’s inland waterways.

This book provides a photographic history of The Inland Waterways Association. It tells the story of how, after the canal mania years, navigable rivers and canals were abandoned, and neglected structures left to rot, before recounting how IWA fought countless battles to save them. It examines the waterway themselves, and how they have changed to become places that 10 million of us visit each year to enjoy walking, cruising, and many more activities in relaxing surroundings.

Binding: Softback
Author: David Blagrove
Published: 2005
Size: 232 x 166mm
ISBN: 9780752431581