IWA Lincolnshire Branch

19 August 2020

The updated Boston to Peterborough Wetland Corridor business case report is being delivered by Stantec. Revised costings allow for the projects already delivered through Lincolnshire Waterways Partnership and Fens Waterways Link. This includes the Black Sluice Lock and the Four Mile Bar Bridge on the River Welland.

New route options are being evaluated and costed. These would link the River Glen and the River Welland as part of an open channel water transfer to the new South Lincs Reservoir. Initial economic modelling indicates a very positive cost benefit ratio. Costs would be further mitigated by including it in the Reservoir project being planned by Water Resources East (WRE).

Work on the Reservoir project continues to be aimed at finalising the multi-sector concept design by July 2021. Sourcing water to fill and supply the new reservoir is a major consideration. A full hydrology review is assessing licensed water availability in the River Trent, via the Trent-Witham-Ancholme scheme and existing licence utilisation on the River Nene upstream of Peterborough. Further measurement and monitoring studies on the Black Sluice catchment will assess how much water can be harvested from the South Forty Foot drain (aka Black Sluice Navigation). All of this catchment currently discharges into the Wash.

Virtual monthly meetings and workshops, hosted by the Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board, continued through lockdown. WRE’s commitment to a multi-sector water supply solution is further shown by their invitation to IWA to formally join the WRE Strategic Board.

New waterways add value