IWA North & East London Branch

2 June 2020

IWA North and East London Branch has successfully campaigned against BWML’s plans to insert new moorings in Limehouse Basin.

An appeal for proposed moorings in Limehouse Basin has now been rejected. This was based on the effect of the proposed development on:

  • the character and appearance of the waterspace navigation
  • the living conditions of neighbouring residents, and
  • water quality.

IWA objected to the proposals for the five pontoons along a section of the South-east Basin wall because:-

  • Limehouse Basin is a point of refuge if there are problems on the river,
  • The proposed restricted space for turning craft, created by inserting the pontoons, is likely to create problems of boat contact, especially as the wind tends to be strong across the basin due to the high rise buildings,
  • The south-east wall is used as the muster point for flotillas making Thames transits. The existing arrangement allows more boats to be moored alongside than the proposed finger pontoons will accommodate,
  • The proposed pontoons are of varying lengths and do not maximise mooring space available nor offer the flexibility needed for longer narrowboats.