4 May 2021

The health and safety of all Navigation users is important to us, so please follow the latest government restrictions and distancing guidelines.

This beauty is spot available for all to enjoy, so please respect it and leave it as you would want to find it.




Opening & Coronavirus FAQs

Our Offices

The offices at Paper Mill and Heybridge Basin are now open as normal.

Boat Trips

Charter boat trips for single family groups are available on Albert (based at Paper Mill) and Blackwater Dawn (based at Heybridge Basin).  Boat trips for up to two families or six passengers will be available from the 17th May. Victoria will be available from the end of June.

To discuss your requirements, please call Sarah Phillips on 01245 226 245 or email

Turn-up-and-go 1 hour boat trips will be available from late June.


The campsite at Hoe Mill Lock is open.