IWA West London Branch

8 July 2020

2017 saw IWA branches across the country undertake a survey of historic structures and buildings in their area.

The purpose was to identify and record waterways heritage on a database to enable the Association to determine the extent of the risk to heritage. Having a record of these assets will help us to ensure that they are protected.

IWA West London Branch completed the survey of 36 miles of canal in 2018. Out of a total of 89 entries the list included:

• 3 Scheduled Ancient Monuments
• 30 Listed Buildings
• 10 Locally Listed Buildings
• 23 Buildings and Structures considered to be at risk

Our survey was slightly unusual in that we included some artifacts that were shown on old maps but where there was no longer any evidence of their existence on the ground. Many of these are on old industrial sites that are likely to be redeveloped in the future. By including this material we have a readily available resource when planning proposals emerge for redevelopment.

During the pre-planning consultation process it will allow us to campaign for the possible reconstruction of former canal structures such as wharves and basins. We have also included some heritage assets that are not waterways related but are important in preserving the setting of the canal.

If you would like a copy of our survey information please email us and we will email you the spreadsheets as PDF attachments.

How you can help

Add to our Branch Survey of Historic Buildings and Structures. If you are aware of any waterways historic structures or artifacts in the West London area that are not included on our Branch spreadsheets please let us know. These may be quite small things such as signage, mileage markers, old canal company boundary markers etc. Some artifacts and buildings of historic interest may be a short distance from the canal but they are of importance if their use was once connected with the waterways.

Please email the details to Try to include as much information as possible such as photographs and the location using an Ordnance Survey Grid Reference or what3words. There are apps for smart phones that allow you to access location information on site using either the OS Grid or what3words systems.

Proposed housing application at Froghall

A planning application has recently been submitted for land directly south of the basin at the start of the Uttoxeter Canal in Froghall.

Waterways affected by the HS2 plans

The latest HS2 Phase 2b Western Leg Design Refinement proposals affect the Ashton Canal and Rochdale Canal in Manchester.

Waterways in Progress Grant: Chesterfield Canal

£50,000 was awarded to Rewatering Renishaw Phase 1a project as part of IWA’s Waterways in Progress Grants.

Waterways in Progress Grant: Swansea Canal

IWA awarded £18,000 to the Swansea Canal Society’s Coed Gwilym Park Slipway Project as part of IWA’s Waterways in Progress Grants in 2019.

Waterways in Progress Grant: Wilts & Berks Canal

£13,960 was awarded the Shrivenham Canal Park Project as part of IWA’s Waterways in Progress Grants.