22 December 2020

We are so grateful for the support of our members and volunteers as together, through the purchase of our 2020 Restoration Raffle tickets, you have helped us raise £14,244. The funds will be used by our restoration team to help train new volunteers to lead restoration projects in 2021 and to contribute to the valuable work of our restoration support team.  
Earlier this year, like everyone, we had no idea what a tough year 2020 would be.  We had to cancel and refund all our Canal Camp working holidays and grant funding just dried up.  Over the last two months we have been planning Covid secure skills training camps for 2021. We believe we now have the right scheme to make our ideas work.  The raffle funds raised give us confidence that our plans can go ahead. 

Could you help us hit our £15,000 target?

We are just £756 short of achieving £15,000 of ticket sales and it would be wonderful if you could help us deliver the last few pounds by making a donation.  
We didn’t imagine we would get near this figure, but now that we have it would be brilliant to raise that sum.  This year we launched our Waterway Legacy Leaders programme but Covid-19 put paid to our plans. We now hope to kick the programme off in 2021 and £756 will fund the training for one Legacy leader.
If you would like to support the efforts to raise the last £756 please click the button below to donate!  But either way, thank you for your everything you have done.  You have made IWA’s restoration team really happy.

The prize winners

The winners in our 2020 raffle have now been told of their success with the top prize of £1,000 being a welcome boost for one lucky person this Christmas.  The winner has said they plan to put the cash towards the cost of a boating holiday in the summer. Prizes and winners included:
£1000 cash – M Howard
Crick Bundle – Battey
Imray map selection – D Smith
Set of Nicholsons Guides – J Myers
Tug driving experience at the London Canal Museum – P Clayton
1 place on a WRG Canal Camp – B Chapman
IWA Goody Bag – R Hemmings

All money raised in IWA’s Restoration Raffle goes towards funding our restoration work, providing expertise and resources to help protect and preserve the country’s inland waterways.  Thank you.