We believe that the nation’s waterways and surrounding environments are for everyone to enjoy, and we both campaign and take direct action to protect their continued existence. IWA is looking to recruit several new Trustees to help us shape the future of the charity. We welcome applications from people from all walks of life as we look to enhance the diversity of the Board.

We are seeking to appoint trustees based on their skills, knowledge and experience in a number of areas. The selection will seek to ensure the Board has the broad skillset and experience necessary for good governance.

For 2022 the main emphasis will be on IWA and inland waterways knowledge.

In addition the board would particularly benefit from skills and experience, including:

  • Accountancy
  • Campaigning & Fundraising
  • Charity Governance
  • Chairing meetings

Please do not hesitate to apply for this role if you think you can contribute to building an effective team able to campaign to ensure a long term sustainable future for our inland waterways.

The process for recruitment of new trustees in 2022 will follow the same pattern as in 2021. Applicants will be shortlisted and interviewed by a selection panel on the basis of their skills and experience. The panel will provide a ranked list of candidates to the Board of Trustees, which will select a final list of prospective trustees to be recommended to members at the AGM for confirmation. For guidance we expect to recruit about 4 new trustees, but numbers will be flexible depending on skillsets of applications.

Information Pack

Please take a look at the information pack below to gain a deeper understanding of the role and responsibilities of being a trustee.

Application process

We are asking all applicants to complete a Skillset Framework (see below) covering the range of skills sought for the role.  No one person is likely to have all skills required on the board, so you are invited to complete only those areas where you feel your abilities or experience would add value to the role.

You are invited to add any further comment or supporting materials that you believe will help us to understand the value you can bring to the role. In particular we would be interested in any experience you may have working with other charities, whether or not there is a waterways connection.

Please forward the Skillset Framework and any other relevant documents via email to trustee.applications@waterways.org.uk by 5pm Friday 17th June 2022.

Trustee Application Information

Information for potential new trustees

Provides what you need to consider before completing your application.



Trustee Skillset Framework

Lists the range of skills needed within the IWA board of trustees. To be completed by all applicants.



Next Steps

The selection panel will meet in late June with applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by Friday 22nd July.

New proposed appointees will be invited to attend the trustees’ meeting in September. The board will seek approval for the appointment of new trustees at the 2022 AGM. New appointees will commence their formal, legal role as trustees after the IWA AGM at the end of September 2022.

The Selection Panel

The Selection panel has now been confirmed and will be chaired by Sue O’Hare (IWA Deputy Chair).