22 June 2022

The Department of Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has announced that the outcome of their review into Canal & River Trust’s grant, which had been due on 1st July, has been postponed until the autumn.  The review will determine future grant funding for Canal & River Trust beyond 2027. 

The Inland Waterways Association believes that the ongoing funding of Canal & River Trust’s waterways is absolutely essential and hopes that the postponement will give DEFRA more time to consider the many ways in which our inland waterways benefit the economy, the environment and the UK population. 

IWA is shortly to be launching a report outlining the many benefits that waterways provide in terms of jobs and financial benefits to local communities, as well as environmental benefits through flood mitigation, transfer of drinking water and providing habitat corridors for wildlife and biodiversity.  Waterways also provide important opportunities for improved health and wellbeing for the whole population.  These benefits can only be realised if waterways are well maintained and looked after, and it is vitally important that the waterways receive adequate funding from government. IWA will be lobbying DEFRA to consider all these many benefits during their ongoing funding review of waterways.