29 May 2019

The “Restoring Confidence” project, funded by the Resilient Heritage Grant Programme, will help to develop the role of the Technical Support Officer at the IWA Restoration Hub, whose aim will be to help restart any restoration projects that may have stalled due to complex technical issues. It will also help the Restoration Hub to provide training on Environmental Management, Heritage Construction Methods, Good Governance and Legacy Fundraising.

Commenting on the grant, Jenny Morris, IWA Restoration Hub Coordinator, says, “We have been looking at ways to develop the Restoration Hub and realised that we needed to widen the skills of our pool of experts. These experts can then look at training volunteers within individual restoration societies and will work alongside them to provide a cohesive team of specialists who are best placed to keep projects moving forward. Whilst we knew what we needed, we weren’t sure how we were going to fund our grand plans, so are thrilled that the National Lottery Heritage Fund has stepped in to help us by awarding this grant.”

Bridget Keegan, Senior Grants Officer, South East at National Lottery Heritage Fund adds, “National Lottery players are effectively helping canal restorations across the country through the funds going into this project. It should be a significant boost to the efforts of the Inland Waterways Association to support and advise the 60+ restoration societies working locally.”

The grant will enable IWA Restoration Hub to provide comprehensive technical guidance, provide training for restoration volunteers and set up funding surgeries to advise restoration societies on how best to approach funders or manage their own fundraising efforts. It will also ensure the 2020 Restoration Conference can take place, which IWA hosts alongside Canal & River Trust.